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RxGen Prime 3 Supporting Studies


Clinical Study

Patients received CO2 fractional Laser facial  skin resurfacing. After treatment a split face study was done using RxGen Prime3 twice a day compared to Gentamycin antibiotic cream twice daily to opposite side of face. Evaluations were done day 0-21 with photographs, Doctors review and SIA (Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis) scope to measure facial skin hemoglobin, collagen, and Melanin levels.   




RxGen Prime3 treated facial skin on day 9 showed major improvements in photos compared to control. With the SIA scope the hemoglobin was 17.2% compared to control at 9.52% showing better blood flow. Collagen content at 2days of 23.36% compared to 7.28% for control showing faster healing and collagen synthesis. Melanin reduction of 2.86% compared to control of -0.04 (an actual increase). Physician evaluation and Patient self-assessment showed less Eschar (dried blood formation) and Erythema beginning on average day 2 lasting to day 10 (See Diagram 13 & 14)


More studies on RxGen Prime 3 are available • Please contact us

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