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Animal models have indicated that when treated with our MiroRNA technology, wounds close 30-50% faster. The tissue generated to close the wound is virtually identical to the tissue it replaced. This makes our technology a sustainable and scalable SKIN REGENERATION SOLUTION

Status: Pre-IND, with 2 independent animal models completed






Accelerated scarless healing and closure of

surgical, traumatic and chronic wounds

  • Decreases wound infections, post-op hospital stays

  • Prevents amputations of limbs as a consequence of non healing wounds - Saves the healthcare industry billions of dollars per year worldwide.

Prevents scar formation

  • Used in surgical procedures

  • Reduces multiple complications contractions of burn patients and adhesions (internal scarring)

The compound can be lyophilized

  • Improves its application to any dry wound healing product.

  • In its standard form, it can be added to antibiotic ointments, solutions for washing wounds, gels and topical sprays, all critical to wound healing.


  • Advanced applications include the inclusion of the compound in collagen matrixes used for complex wounds with exposed tendons and bones, in addition to dermal cadaver matrixes for repair of soft tissue defects and hernias.

Integration with other technologies:

  • The potential to be used in standalone form or in conjunction with other advanced technologies, allowing for cross development and update of legacy products



RxGen Complex

Scar Tissue

Regenerated Tissue

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