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RxGen Prime 1 Supporting Studies


In Vitro


Fibroblast Treated with RxGen Prime1 vs TGF-b (a known growth factor) & Control; tested the amount of Laminin and Fibronectin produced.



Fibronectin & 26% Laminin above control with TGF-B stimulating 64% & 10% respectively (see Diagram 1 & 2)



Human skin explants treated with corticoid to induce aging then treated or not with RxGen Prime1.



RxGen Prime1 stimulated increase of collagen 34% and Laminin 49% above control  (see diagram 3 & 4).

Clinical Studies

27 patients completed a split face study for 56 days use RxGen Prime1 twice daily one side of face only, then measurements were made both sides of the face with silicone masks on day 28 & day 56 and then compared to a mask made on day zero.



RxGen Prime1 reduced wrinkle volume 16% at 28 days and 27% at 56 days compared to controls. Ultra sound also showed increase collagen at 168 days compared to day zero and controls. Subjectively Patients rated results from 72% at lowest improvement rate to highest of 93% skin improvement rating for facial skin wrinkle reduction compared to control at 28 Days (See Diagram 5).

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