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RxGenesys Efficiency Study

The Effects of RxGenesys, an enhanced Stem Cell skin care system, on the reduction of facial fine lines, facial pore size & complexion quality 
J.Gibson M.D., T.Leonard, R.Reyna M.D., J.Grossman M.D., S.Panta, Y.Grullon, C.Toussaint, J.Gonzalez, L.Trujillo.

Stem cell extracts have been studied for several years and are known to have beneficial effects on the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production levels. We theorized that RxGenesys, a new skin care line with stem cell extract components in its formulation, could improve skin quality. In a prospective study, we tested the effectiveness of RxGenesys and its RxGen stem cell technology, on the reduction of facial skin fine lines (rhytids), pore size and the improvement of the appearance of facial complexion. We registered into a study fifty test subjects between the ages of 30 and 85, of all Fitzpatrick skin types and varying ethnicities; then proceeded to record the changes in their skin over a three month period, while subjects applied the RxGenesys skin care system twice per day. Subjects were photographed in a standardized fashion and asked a set of questions before starting the study and then periodically at each new visit, while using the RxGenesys skin care system over a period of 3 months. The patients’ photographs and questionnaires were analyzed and then reviewed by a team of plastic surgeons. The data showed a subject and doctor perceived, 83% reduction (improvement) of fine lines, 86% reduction of pore size and 86% complexion improvement of facial skin by the end of the twelfth week of the study. RxGenesys has shown to improve skin quality when studied under standardized conditions, across 50 test subjects.



The changes seen with the use of RxGenesys were significant when compared to the patient’s own facial skin prior to use of the product. On average, subjects perceived 83% reduction in fine lines and rhytids around the eyes, cheeks and forehead after 3 months according to 100% of the test subjects. When images were reviewed after ninety days with computer analysis, by a non-biased team, the test subjects’ data, also revealed a reduction in pore size and number of blocked pores, in 96% of the patients. The study found a reduction in skin pigment spots and blemishes of 56% as well. Patients did notice major improvements of their skin quality, these improvements increased with length of time of product use during the twelve week study. Within two weeks of use of RxGenesys,  all subjects stated they noticed improvement of fine lines around their eyes of 48% and cheeks of 47%. The reduction of cheek and lateral eye fine lines, then improved to 58% and 60% at four weeks, and at 69% and 71% at eight weeks respectively. We saw a final increased result of fine lines reduction of eyes and cheek skin both, at 83% after twelve weeks, across all subjects in the study. (See Diagram #1)


Further analysis of the subject data was done to group patients into ages greater than forty, numbering forty of the fifty testers and younger than forty equaling ten testers. The subjects older than forty perceived greatest improvements of fine line reduction at all follow up visits. This over-forty group saw an amazing 49% reduction in facial fine lines at just two weeks, improved to 60% at four weeks, even 72% at eight weeks and a final incredible improvement of 85% at twelve weeks. Subjects below forty years of age, saw wrinkle reduction also, but at a slightly lower percentage because, naturally they had less fine lines to begin with. Although, the less than forty age group, did perceived a higher improvement of skin quality, believed to be due to a greater pore size reduction. This younger group rated pore diameter decrease at 53% at only two weeks and up to 75% after twelve weeks of RxGenesys use. Improvement in complexion, color and appearance of the skin, was seen at a significant 52% after a short two weeks and 68% at twelve weeks, in this under-forty group also.  (See Bar Graph #1)   

One hundred percent of subjects liked the product’s smell and ease of application. Most subjects 98% wanted to continue to use the product and would recommend it to family and friends. Two patients out of fifty (4%) developed mild skin acne reaction to the product and stopped its use, while another 6% of subjects developed mild acne, but had complete resolution with continued use of the products; no subject developed adverse residual skin effects. Patients of older age, history of high sun exposure and tobacco use saw the greatest improvement in skin quality as related to decrease in fine lines. Younger patients saw more improvement in pore reduction, and subjective improvement in facial complexion including pinker skin color and skin radiance.

All subjects (100%) who normally wear makeup, noticed that after applying RxGenesys their makeup lasted longer and the amount of makeup needed for intended result decreased, saving the subjects time of makeup application and cost. At the first two-week visit, 93% of the tested subjects perceived facial skin tightening and 71% of the subjects felt they looked younger. By the 8th week, 100% of patients felt their skin appeared increasingly younger. One hundred percent of the subjects’ perceived skin tightening at three months and all subjects (100%) stated they would like to continue using RxGenesys by the end of the study. (See Diagram #2)

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