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RxGenesys, LLC. Validates Claims via Double Blind Independent Study by Princeton Consumer Research

RxGenesys Complete Skin Care System(R) Reduces Fine Lines and wrinkles by 56% and Improves Radiance, Elasticity and Moisture Levels After Eight Weeks

Oct 28, 2015: 08:45 AM ET

RxGenesys, a developer, manufacturer and marketer of state-of-the-art skin care, based on a Patented Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Extract, has released the findings of an independent double blind clinical study to measure the anti-aging properties of RxGenesys Complete Skin Care system compared to a placebo group.

The subjects who used RxGenesys Complete Skin Care System revealed a significant improvement in their skin compared to the placebo group as early as 2 weeks into the study.

“Having an independent double blind study to measure our skin care system, against a base formulation (not only untreated skin), was critical to objectively measure the potency of our RxGen Stem Cell Complex”, stated Jeffrey Gibson MD, Medical Director and founder of RxGenesys. "As a researcher myself, I needed to independently corroborate the results I was documenting in my own patients, when they used RxGenesys as a home treatment, and this independent study did.

The study revealed that the subjects treated with the RxGenesys Complete Skin Care system had a 56% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles (Expert Visual Assessment), a 46% improvement in firmness and elasticity (Cutometer) after 8 weeks of treatment and 22% improvement in moisture levels (Corneometer) in 2 weeks.

The Double Blind, Active vs Placebo Study on 71 healthy subjects aged 35-70 assessed the efficacy of the RxGenesys Skin Care system over a period of 8 weeks The study was conducted over an 8-week treatment period with assessments at the beginning of the study, at week two, four and eight.

Sixty eight subjects completed the study, all of them between the age of 35 and 70 with moderate to advanced photoaging of the face. The study was performed at Princeton Consumer Research between February 23rd, 2015 and April 24th, 2015.

Six measurements were used in this study. A Cutometer® was used to measure the changes in the Viscoelastic properties on the skin (Firmness and elasticity). A Corneometer® was used to assess skin hydration. A Chronometer® was used to measure changes on skin tone and radiance. A profilometry analysis was performed to measure change in wrinkle length and depth (crow’s feet.) Expert visual assessments were performed by a highly qualified and experienced group of experts. A Visia-CR Capture technology was used to capture images of all subjects’ faces during the assessments. Finally, each subject was provided with a perception questionnaire for evaluating the product attributes and to get their opinions of the product.

No adverse reactions were reported during the study. The placebo subjects showed no significant changes during the study. The active treated group, on the other hand, showed statistically significant changes from baseline following the two, four and eight week assessments. About


RxGenesys, LLC. RxGenesys develops, manufactures and markets cosmetics based on patented Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Extracts for which RxGenesys holds global commercialization rights. The USA skin care industry is expected to reach $11 billion by 2018 according to market and as Stem Cell technologies have started becoming available to the mass market they are leading the way to a new era on skin care. “Over the past few years, stem cell technology through extensive research and development has provided what is perhaps the most innovative new skin care ingredient we have seen emerge”. - RxGenesys' objective is to become the leading manufactured of cosmetics, based on ethically sourced Pluripotent Stem cells derived from adult Fibroblast, through clinically tested proprietary formations.

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